Frequently Asked Questions


On this page we have put together the must common questions our guests have before making a reservation. Maybe your question is here among the others. Who knows?

Where is the Hotel located? Close to the beach?
Today GPS is very common so here are our cordinates: Latitude  -13.919814 e Longitude-38.93545499. We are situated close to the marvelous beach Taipu de Fora. The distance to the beach "as the crow flies" is about 350 meters and it is about a 7 min walk to get there from our hotel. We are located between two "piscinas naturais". When reaching the sand at the beach you can observe the point of Taipu de Fora with the most famous "piscinas" to the right. The distance  is about 1.000 to 1.200 meters. When looking to the left you have a more unknown "piscinas" 350 meters away. Many of our guests prefer this one because it is more calm and less visitors. The ocean is more calm here and you can more easily view the fishes in the clear water. The choice is yours!
If you arrive here with a car please click here for instructions how to get here.
How far is it to the village - Barra Grande?

Barra Grande is the small village where you can find restaurants and some simple shops selling gifts and handycrafts. Please observe that there is no banks, ATM machines or postoffices in Barra Grande. The village is located about 6 kilometers from our hotel.

Is the hotel close to the Piscinas Naturais?

There are two piscinas naturais close to our location. The more famous one located at the point of Taipu de Fora is about 1.000 meters away when you are standing on the beach. The other, more unknown, is about 350 meters counting from the beachfront.

How can we transport ourselves between Taipu de Fora and Barra Grande?

During the summer season a lot of guests arrive with a rental car or their own. This make it more easy to transport yourselves between different beaches and the village. If you do not arrive with your own car you always can rent a quad/ATV or call a taxi/jardineira. The advantage to rent a ATV for a day or two is that you can enjoy more distant locations like Cassange, Algodoes etc.

Do you have a restaurant?

Yes, we have. We can offer you a menu with meat, fish, seafood and pasta to reasonable prices. You can choose to eat outside close our swimming pool/bar or pick a table inside our restaurant. It sure is an advantage to offer a restaurant on place due to the distance to the village Barra Grande at night.

If you do not want to go to Barra Grande every evening you can stay around the pool/bar and social area. We also offer you a games room with snooker, chess, dart and card table.

Can the hotel help me with transfer from Ilheus or Salvador?

Yes, we can. We cooperate with several companies and all of them can help with transfer from Ilheus or Salvador. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will ask for an offer from them.

Do you have Quads/ATV for rent?

Yes, we have and also partners to work along with. During the high season the demand is very high and of that reason it is good to give us a hint a couple of days before your preferred day of rental.

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