Viking Inn Boutique Hotel with environmental awareness

Viking Inn Boutique Hotel is recognized today as an hotel that concerns and always tries to give a personalized service to our guests. Our concern about preserving the nature and take good care of the environment are very important for us. This is one of the reasons why we are located in Taipu de Fora. A location a bit remote but with a wonderful nature. We love it!

Here are some contributions from us:

Solar energy and photovoltaic technology is the study of using light from the sun as a source of energy, and the design and fabrication of devices for harnessing this potential. This involves collecting solar radiation for converting to both electricity and heat. Solar energy is carbon-free and renewable.

Growing organic herbs in our garden are as easy as using only organic certified materials and avoiding non-certified ones. Since we are in control, there are no surprise chemicals and being in control of herbs is so easy. It is good for us our guests and for the nature.

One of the "great waves" in municipal and home recycling is the concentration on what to do with the enormous amount of food waste generated in and out of the home, by businesses, or as a result of surplus farming. On the grand scale, it is estimated that about one-half of all food that is produced or consumed in the U.S. is discarded. The main culprits are spoilage and overproduction/surplus.


Proper tree care is a mystery to some. Plant a tree and nature will take care of the rest, right?  Not necessarily.  The trees in our yards, neighbourhoods, and
cities are a valuable asset, and they require our help to keep them healthy.

It’s Environmentally Friendly. A septic tank is designed to minimize pollution by utilizing the natural filtering process of the soil in the drain field or leach field. Wastewater from the home is filtered through the septic tank before being released into the drain field. Once the water enters the soil, bacteria are naturally filtered out, making the water safe for drinking and residential use. Another environmental advantage to a septic system is the immediate replenishment of the local water table. When water is used and recycled all in the same location, the groundwater is constantly being replenished, which benefits the soil and wildlife in the area.

Our whole construction area is built in an elevated way to not contaminate the water table that runs 50 cm below ground. The decks in every area, starting from the entrance (reception) to common areas like pool and restaurant, are also elevated. This helps guests with mobility difficulties a lot.


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